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Without charisma, AI knowledge is worthless

In most places, people have jumped on the AI bandwagon in the belief that it will do everything for us, and in some cases even replace us. This scares some, makes others comfortable, and can make us ask ourselves, "Do I really need me? My answer is YES. by Daniel Gergics (Grow Group).

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In my self-development work, I regularly find that most people are afraid that they don't know enough within their profession, and that this will come out one day. During my training, participants learn that in today's AI-driven world, knowledge is available anywhere and anytime, so it's not even where the greatest focus should be. More important is how I demonstrate my knowledge, how I impact stakeholders, colleagues, team members, so that visible progress can be made.

I've been in the field of people development for almost 20 years, and over the last 5 years I've found that the biggest need people have is to increase their confidence and self-belief, which builds charisma in a big way. And charisma is nothing but the right transfer of our communicative energy, which is never at the level of words. And a company's communication is unique in the people who drive it and how those people relate to themselves and their environment. We can do this by combining elements of Personal Branding and Public Speaking, at the heart of which the psychological processes that take place inside us play a huge role.

What we have experienced in the education system has been burned into us as children that knowledge must be our first priority. In very few cases were we given feedback on anything else. Our marks were also a measure of knowledge. Of course, it is important, but it is not an either-or consideration. There is statistical evidence that the principles of ethical psychological influence are essential for our judgement and for building trust. And the elements of Public Speaking help mass influence. How to influence a group or audience, how to develop an effective partner-partner relationship with your audience, and the relevant group dynamics that require a different form of communication than one-to-one conversations. The basis for this is the mastery of emotion-based communication to influence the subconscious of your audience.

AI is good, AI is important, but there is one thing missing from the equation, and that is the HUMAN. And the extra knowledge that AI can provide is precisely what gives us the opportunity to finally have more time to develop our own skills effectively.

In my presentation at the Training Roundtable Conference on 2 October, I will demonstrate that charisma can be built, and also how we can impact our environment with more confidence, through which inner confidence can also arrive.

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Dániel Gergics - Grow Group

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