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A strong EMBA training will buy you into the VIP club

A good HR leader always has plans A, B and C for succession to senior management, but to do this, you need to develop the talent within the company. We talked to Anna Kaposvári, HR Manager at Claas Hungária, about the value of an Executive MBA degree from an HR perspective and why she recommends the Corvinus-MSM-Seed EMBA course to her employees.

„Egy erős EMBA-képzéssel az ember bevásárolja magát a VIP klubba”-

"It's very difficult to get good workers from the market, because good professionals are usually taken somewhere, they have to be lured. In comparison, I think we're much better off if we train our own well-established, talented colleagues," says Anna Kaposvári, HR manager at Claas Hungária, who says that one of the most important tasks of an HR manager in the current market environment is to retain good employees.

But this also requires offering a strong motivation package for employees, especially for up-and-coming young people, in terms of professional development opportunities. Anna gives an example from her workplace: she is about to send a talented young employee to Germany for three months as part of an in-house rotational internship programme, but this is only the first step; as HR manager, she plans for several years ahead. If the chosen colleague continues to perform well in the coming years, Anna will recommend enrolling in the Corvinus-MSM-Seed EMBA to achieve her next career goal


"In a well-established company, the HR manager is always thinking about the succession of managers. Behind every person currently in a senior position, there should be an A, B, C contender who can replace the leader if necessary. However, succession is a time-consuming process and needs to start early, "explains Anna.

Most recently, the HR manager at Claas Hungária sent one of her staff to Corvinus-MSM-Seed EMBA training, among several different management training courses. This is partly because of the training's high ranking in national and international rankings, and partly because of the development of the staff who have completed the programme.

"The great strength of Corvinus' training is that it gives a global management perspective and is very practice-oriented. The programme is taught by teachers with up-to-date knowledge of market operations, who teach through real-life business problems. This training is no longer about learning theory, but about learning how to apply it in practice," explains Anna.

In addition to these aspects, the HR manager also sees the different professional experiences of the group members from different sectors as a great strength of the Corvinus-MSM-Seed EMBA training, as the group assignments allow the participants to learn a lot from each other.

"And, by the way, the students can buy into an exclusive VIP club, as they can always refer back to the network of contacts they have built up during the training," adds Anna Kaposvári.

She is not only thinking about the Corvinus-MSM-Seed Executive MBA programme for management trainees, but also recommends the programme to experts with outstanding performance.

"Unfortunately, in this country, it is quite common HR practice to try to promote good professionals to management. In doing so, we often lose a great expert and gain a bad leader. I believe that there are good experts who don't become senior managers, but for them the kind of global, comprehensive company knowledge that this training gives is very important," he explains.

"Rather than sending the expert who is selected to be a leader to various communication trainings, I think it makes much more sense to enroll him in a good executive MBA course, where, in addition to business knowledge, he will also develop his soft skills and have leadership courses. This way, by the end of the programme, you can at least bring someone who was previously only working as an expert up to the level of a good middle manager"

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