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Published: 1 month

Libri also abolishes the 4-day working week

After Magyar Telekom, another company experimenting with a 4-day working week, Libri, did not like the working time model either.

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A test of the 4-day working week at Libri, which was launched in June last year and only affected nearly 20% of employees, has come to an end, the company said. "Based on the experience and evaluations gathered during the period, the company has decided to offer employees a different method of flexible working with a more equal and balanced workload from 1 June 2024. The new working schedule will provide a hybrid working option in jobs that are suitable for the introduction of this method.\"(At Libri, the introduction of the 4-day working week was explored in detail.)


Another experimenter, Magyar Telekom, launched its pilot programme to test the 4-day working week in summer 2022. After a year and a half of experience and reflection, it became clear that this model could not be applied uniformly to all employees, so the company decided to close the project.

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