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Published: 2 month

How can you staff your kitchen exclusively with Thai workers?

The roller-coaster ride that the hospitality industry has been on in recent years has brought many interesting cases. Restaurants are opening with a very different concept and approach than even 4-5 years ago. Nowadays, it is not impossible to create a kitchen team from scratch, even by bringing in only Thai chefs and support staff. Case study.

thai szakácsok, étterem-

István took over the running of a restaurant in a complex sports centre in the 16th district, and the restaurant was still under construction when he decided to recruit all the kitchen staff from abroad. Especially after they decided to set up a Thai wok bar.

They had a quick look around the market to see if any of the local Thai chefs would "transfer", but as you might expect, they found that the Thai workers already working here preferred to stay with their current employer. They contacted some large recruitment agencies who offered Sri Lankan and Indian chefs as an authentic solution. They then contacted a company specialising in the immigration of Thai workers.

"The main condition was that they should be able to work independently, both the cooks and the assistants," says István, who was thinking of a compact solution. By bringing the entire staff on the trip, he ensures that the team will most likely stay together until the two-year visa expires, during which time they will work for him continuously, preferably as much as possible, and bring with them their many years of experience and cooking knowledge of Thailand. There will be no turnover, no training, and not only will the chef position be filled without any problems during this time, but there will also be no question of who will wash dishes or prepare ingredients (as usually in kitchens, this position changes quickly and can cause a lot of headaches).

The selection process

It is a common request from those seeking entry that all Thais travelling here speak English, but the reality is that this is not always achievable. If they do insist, the people selected will often be inferior in terms of expertise. And in hospitality, expertise is very important, and if you have to choose, it is better to have only a few English speakers in the team travelling here to interpret for the others, but everyone should bring the maximum in experience and competence," suggests Work

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