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Published: 2 month

Survey: overworked and underpaid British workers

Almost half of workers surveyed often lack a sense of belonging at work, including some who are harassed at work.

Felmérés: túlhajszoltak és alulfizetettek a brit munkavállalók-

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of British workers want a pay rise, according to a new survey by Reward Gateway, the world's largest provider of employee benefit schemes, HR News.

The survey, which was designed to gauge how British workers are coping in the current economic climate, paints a bleak picture:more than a third (36%) said they felt stressed at work, a fifth (19%) said they felt lonely (19%) and more than a quarter (27%) said they felt anxious, suggesting employers need to offer more support to help workers deal with mental health issues.

The main cause of burnout is excessive workload (49%). And with extra work comes little recognition, with well over half of workers (59%) most often not feeling appreciated or recognised by their bosses.

The research also found that almost half of workers (49%) often lack a sense of belonging at work. Those who reported a lack of a sense of belonging explained the reasons this way:

  • More than a quarter (28%) said they had nothing in common with their colleagues.

  • 10% said they were harassed at work.

Workers surveyed are also prepared to take action to improve their situation: in the past six monthsmore than half (57%) of respondents have considered quitting their job and looking for a new one.

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Previously, more than half of all jobseekers are considering leaving the job market and are considering a change of job.

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