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Published: 2 month

The UN adopts its first resolution on the development and regulation of artificial intelligence

The White House welcomed the unanimous adoption of the document.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted on Thursday its first resolution on artificial intelligence, with the support of all member states, stressing, among other things, the need for an equal share of the benefits of new technologies. The document, voted by representatives of all 193 member states, sets the goal of narrowing the digital divide between developed countries and poorer, developing states, and of ensuring that all actors have a seat at the table when negotiations on the use of artificial intelligence take place. The document calls for further discussions on regulation of artificial intelligence. The draft resolution, tabled by the United States and co-sponsored by 123 countries, recognises that developments in artificial intelligence have accelerated dramatically, but also calls for a global consensus on the safety and reliability of systems created by the new technology.

The White House welcomed the unanimous adoption of the document, a resolution outlining principles for the application and use of artificial intelligence. In a statement, Vice President Kamala Harris stressed the US administration's commitment to establishing international standards and rules for emerging technologies. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the UN, said it was particularly significant that the world had stood united to promote progress at a time when it agreed on little.


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