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Published: 2 month

This is the highest paying profession, with the highest prevalence of teleworking

In a survey, more than 750 job advertisements were examined to find out which areas offer the most opportunities for teleworking.

Ez a legjobban fizető szakma, amiben a leginkább jellemző a távmunka-

A new study by electronics retailer Currys shows that nearly one in three jobs in the IT sector are telecommuting, making the sector a leader in flexible working, HR News reports.

The research analysed 762 telecommuting job adverts to find out which industries have the most telecommuting jobs and which have the highest average pay for telecommuting in the UK. The IT industry had the highest number of telecommuting jobs (29%), followed by financial services (21%) and sales (16%). Telecommuting jobs in the IT sector also offered the highest average pay for working from home, with an average salary of £60,148 for telecommuting in this industry.

The figures show that the average pay for workers working from home varies across the UK. The analysis shows that companies in the UK county of Hampshire offer the highest average annual teleworking salary of £80,750. This was followed by East Sussex at £73,614 and Kent at £72,650.

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