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Published: 3 month

One million women in the UK miss out on a pay rise in six months

While 9 percent of men received a significant pay rise in the last six months, only 4 percent of women reported such a rise.

Fél év alatt egymillió nő maradt le a fizetésemelésről az Egyesült Királyságban-

Women in the UK are less likely than men to have received a pay rise or bonus in the last six months, HRnews reports, citing new research.

The recruitment firm surveyed 2,000 people in the UK and found that only 43 percent of women reported receiving a pay rise (in the form of a higher salary, pay rise and/or bigger bonus) in the last six months - compared to 50 percent of men. Furthermore, while 9 percent of men say they received a "significant" pay rise in the last six months, only 4 percent of women say the same. There are around 15.7 million women employed in the UK nationwide, so more than 1 million women have not received a pay rise in the last six months.

The research also found that three in ten working women (30 per cent) say their job does not pay them the salary they need to live the life they want - compared to a quarter of men (25 per cent).

The survey also reveals that 21 per cent of women in the UK have asked for a higher salary at work; and that one in eight women (13 per cent) have considered quitting if they do not get a higher salary, with a fifth of women (20 per cent) reporting that they have actually quit because of low pay.


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