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Who are the biggest training companies? Here is the list

Improvers Group remains in the lead, Flow is second, Develor is ahead and third, Grow Group is a close fourth. These four players dominate the Budapest Business Journal's (BBJ) industry list, which is based on 2022 corporate training revenues.

Book of list vállalati tréning iparági lista-

The BBJ Book of Lists was published in November, and we have been presenting the HR services sections to our readers since mid-December. We continue our series with the biggest corporate training companies.

Comparing the latest list with one year ago, we see that the top four players stand out in corporate training revenue and had a better year in 2022 than in 2021.

Improvers Group has crossed the HUF 1 billion mark and continues to lead the list. This group includes Sämling, Franklin Covey, coaching-focused N.E.W.S. and the Arbinger Institute. Improvers increased its revenue from training by 10 percent by the end of 2022.

Holding on to second place is Flow Consulting Ltd, which has thirty full-time trainers and is approaching the 900 million mark.

Third place saw a change. Develor Zrt. increased its revenue from 556 million forints to 799 million forints - by 43 percent - in one year, moving up one position.

The fourth Grow Group also increased its corporate training turnover to HUF 688 million.

The rest of the list achieved revenues below HUF 300 million in 2022.

If we look at the total revenue, Training360 would lead the list by far with HUF 4 billion, but the corporate segment is not their main profile, with only HUF 294 million, which was enough for fifth place.

Two major jumps were seen, with Chefparade moving up from 11th to 6th, and WIFI Hungária moving up from 15th to 8th. Chefparade works with companies such as Shell, GE, Magyar Posta, MOL, several insurance companies. WIFI's clients include Bosch, Union Insurance, dm drugstore chain.

The OD Partner increased its turnover to HUF 241 million, ranking seventh on the list. The company's clients include MOL, Magyar Telekom and Roche.

From 12th place a year earlier, Sensa Consulting is in 9th place with HUF 196 million. Valoro Consulting still made it into the top ten, but dropped four places with HUF 192 million.

The Budapest Business Journal's Book of Lists and all its publications are available for purchase at www.bbj.hu/shop.

The largest corporate training companies in Hungary: (click on the company name for more information):

Rangsor Company name Revenue from corporate training 2022 Total net revenue in 2022 (HUF M)
1. Improvers Group 1 027 (M Ft.) 1 027 (M Ft.)
2. Flow Consulting Ltd 892 (M Ft.) 892 (M Ft.)
3. DEVELOR Tanácsadó Zrt. 769 (M Ft.) 799 (HUF million)
4. GROW Group 688 (M Ft.) 1 194 (M Ft.)
5. Training360 Ltd. 294 (M Ft.) 4 016 (M Ft.)
6. Chefparade Kft. 250 (M Ft.) 450 (M Ft.)
7. OD Partner Kft. 223 (M Ft.) 241 (M Ft.)
8. WIFI Hungária Kft. 213 (M Ft.) 213 (M Ft.)
9. Sensa Consulting Ltd. 195 (M Ft.) 308 (HUF M)
10. Valoro Consulting Kft. 192 (M Ft.) 192 (M Ft.)
11. Kvalikon Ltd 183 (M Ft.) 298 (M Ft.)
12. iCons-Hungary Kft. 153 (M Ft.) 176 (M Ft.)
13. Human Telex Consulting Kft. 133 (M Ft.) 133 (M Ft.)
14. Demmler and Tóth Consulting and Training Ltd. 128 (M Ft.) 185 (HUF M)
15. Profile Training Kft. 121 (M Ft.) 121 (M Ft.)
16. Human Digital Group / Krauthammer 120 (M Ft.) 120 (M Ft.)
17. Synergy Project, Operations and Change Management Ltd 85 (M Ft.) 541 (HUF M)
18. Consact Ltd. 85 (M Ft.) 440 (M Ft.)
19. Coaching Team Kft. 76 (M Ft.) 103 (HUF M)
20. M-Prospect Education and Service Ltd 60 (M Ft.) 240 (HUF M)
21. Business Coach Ltd 54 (M Ft.) 175 (M Ft.)
22. Pannonjob Human Services and Consulting Ltd 37 (M Ft.) 17 795 (HUF M)
23. Workplus Hungary Kft. 25 (M Ft.) 59 (M Ft.)
24. Borealis Catalyst Group Kft. 23 (M Ft.) 104 (M Ft.)

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