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Published: 4 month

The artificial intelligence revolution could put leaders in the classroom

Generative artificial intelligence is revolutionising banking and opening up a wealth of new opportunities for financial institutions and their customers. But to do this, middle and senior managers in banks need to learn new concepts to be able to apply the technology as effectively as possible," according to a press release sent to our portal.

Iskolapadba ültetheti a bankárokat a mesterséges intelligencia forradalma-

As the pace of the banking world is increasingly dictated by constantly evolving technologies, middle and senior managers who are confident in their financial careers are back in the classroom. They need to understand and master dozens of terms such as "convolutional neural network". The latter, in simple terms, means that from increasingly complex data sets, a computer uses a multi-layer filtering process to select data that are related by some logic.

"Let's imagine it like this," says Balázs Németh, a K

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