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Published: 4 month

Business students ready to use artificial intelligence in the workplace

British business students believe customer service jobs will be the most affected by AI, according to research that has assessed the readiness of the soon-to-be-entry age group to use AI.

az üzleti hallgatók készen állnak a mesterséges intelligencia munkahelyi használatára-

New research from Gong shows that the majority of UK business students (78%) feel ready to enter the AI-driven world, with 45% saying they are motivated by the role AI plays in their work, hrnews.

The findings come as a relief to UK businesses looking to embrace the next generation, with nearly 90% already using AI and the majority (82%) wanting to introduce more AI technology into their everyday workflows. Artificial Intelligence in the workplace has caused both excitement and anxiety in UK offices, but it seems the next generation of workers have accepted its inevitable impact, with 69% agreeing that AI can be a useful tool and therefore it is important for their careers that they embrace it.

95% of students surveyed say they understand artificial intelligence and its role in business. Ben Robinson, a final-year PPE student at the University of Exeter, said:\"AI is undoubtedly transforming the world of work and as I approach the end of my studies and think about my career post-university, I have been considering the impact of technology. This technology has huge potential to support workers, especially in sales and related fields. As long as individuals have the right skills to use AI as a useful tool in their work, I believe it is nothing to be afraid of. Many entry-level jobs require the performance of simple, everyday tasks that AI tools can perform quickly and efficiently. This would allow more time to develop the people-centric key competencies that are essential for sales success. AI has not yet mastered the human element of the role, so our contribution is and will continue to be vital."

Anna Carway, sales development representative at Gong, said:\"AI don't need to be afraid of AI - it's not some crazy phenomenon, it just makes my life easier and more efficient. It can do things we don't even think about, like automate processes and simplify our tasks. If you already have a good work ethic and you fully incorporate it into your working practices, it can make you twice as successful."

According to the students surveyed, customer service jobs (85%) will be the positions that will be most affected by AI. Conversely, most students believe that sales is one of the jobs that will be least affected by AI (18%).

Almost a third of business students (31%) plan to work in sales, and the results suggest they are already aware of how AI can help them. For example, 62% know that AI can understand all interactions between a sales rep and a prospect and accurately predict whether the prospect will make a purchase, while 64% know that AI can write follow-up emails after a call.

Luke Mulvaney, senior sales development representative at Gong, said:\"Artificial intelligence helps me as a salesperson by making me more productive. I knew about AI before I started working with it, but nothing prepares you for how it will change the way you work until it becomes part of your everyday life. It reminds me, it takes notes, and I would undoubtedly be less successful without it. Now I can't imagine not having AI tools to complement my skills and increase my productivity every day"


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