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The best cities to work in Europe

Luxembourg, Reykjavik and Berlin are among the top ten European cities where people are most satisfied with their jobs, according to a report on the quality of life in European cities published by schengenvisainfo.com.

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According to the latest report published by the European Commission, Rostock, Germany, is the city with the highest job satisfaction rate among respondents, with 85% of them having a positive impression of working in the German city, according to the latest edition of the report published by the European Commission, SchengenVisaInfo.com.

Luxembourg is next - with 84 percent job satisfaction, followed by Reykjavik (Iceland). Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the sixth city in Europe with high job satisfaction - 83 per cent - while the top ten cities are listed as follows:


Job satisfaction is higher in big cities compared to other areas

Capital cities and other major cities offer more job opportunities and better pay, making these destinations more attractive to future workers


The survey asked workers whether they were satisfied with their jobs. While satisfaction levels were higher in cities in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they were lower in Greece, Italy, Hungary and Spain.

Overall, capital cities do not perform better than larger cities (73% and 75% satisfied). And only Italy and Turkey show more significant differences within countries for larger cities. While there is little variation between cities, there are widening gaps in satisfaction indicators between urban and rural areas.

Some cities, such as Nicosia (Cyprus) and Bologna (Italy), have seen significant improvements, with job satisfaction rising by seven percentage points, and Antalya (TR) by six percentage points.

In contrast, some cities saw a decline: for example, in Valletta (MT) a drop of ten percentage points and in Kassa (SK) a drop of eight percentage points. Despite these variations, the overall ranking of cities remained relatively stable, with a high correlation of 0.9 between 2019 and 2023.

As for the municipalities at the bottom of the ranking, Heraklion (Greece) received the lowest score - 54 percent - followed by the capital Athens (56 percent), Skopje (northern Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Podgorica (Montenegro).

Picture: Rostock, Germany

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