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Published: 2 year

The best team-building games at work

Team building plays an important role in boosting the organisational culture of any company, as a well-cooperating team can successfully benefit from higher productivity. As each working day can be busy, busy and tiring, incorporating team games is essential to creating a great workplace atmosphere.

A legjobb munkahelyi csapatépítő játékok-

In this sense, team building helps to channel positive energy towards achieving the company's goals. And the strong relationships it helps to create contribute to much more effective management of employee loyalty and potential conflicts. In addition to pajamas and other classic computer card games, we've collected some simple and exciting games that you can play together, creating a more pleasant and fun workplace atmosphere.

1. Object hunt

Participants are divided into two teams and all they need is a pen and a team sheet. They have to hand each other small fun tasks to complete within a set time. This could be taking a selfie with a stranger or participating in a project with sunglasses. The team that completes the tasks first is the winner.


The employees have to sit around a table and tell two lies and one truth about themselves. It is up to the others to guess which one is the truth, helping to eliminate prejudices. The aim of the game is to get to know your colleagues better.

3. The game of possibilities

The exercise takes just 5-10 minutes, in teams of 2-3 people. Some people in the group are given a random object from the office and have to demonstrate the usefulness of that object without naming it. The other teams have to guess which object it is. The person presenting should be original, funny, innovative and not say too little or too much about it. The aim of this game is to stimulate the creativity and thinking of the employees.

The presentation should be interesting, interesting, interesting and not too short or too long.

4. Look on the bright side

This exercise takes about 20 minutes and is ideal for companies with few employees. Each participant is asked to recount an unpleasant event or situation from their past. The other employees should work together to find the good side of the situation, highlighting at least two reasons to be happy that the unpleasant situation happened. The exercise brings colleagues closer together.

These are some of the team-building games that are perfect to start with, and that focus on having fun, stimulating teamwork, creating a more pleasant workplace atmosphere.

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