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Published: 5 month

Corvinus team wins silver medal in prestigious business competition

At the John Molson International MBA Case Competition in Canada, students from 30 universities around the world competed against each other, with Corvinus beating the hosts in the semi-finals.

Corvinus students competed against teams from Australia, the US, the UK, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Sweden and Singapore in the International Student Competition at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business in Montreal during the first week of January. The competition is the largest and toughest global competition in the world for the MBA (Master of Business Administration, the world's most popular business degree), and aims to bridge the gap between the corporate and academic worlds.

The case solving was conducted under strict rules, without the use of the internet, and based on personal experience and insights. Competitors typically had three hours to analyse and evaluate a complex business problem and present their solution. In addition to creativity, teams were judged on their success in identifying the problem and the feasibility of the idea.

The home team of Adél Hadházy, Luca Horváth, Tamás Józsa and Gergely Keményfi competed in the final against students from Lund University in Sweden and the University of Münster in Germany, with the latter coming first. The Hungarian second place is the best result in the history of Corvinus in this competition.

"The most difficult competition for us was the so-called "live case" exercise, during which the company problem was presented live on the spot by the CEO of the company himself. The main challenge was to quickly find a rational and feasible solution to the company's complex problem based on limited information. We thought we performed best in the semi-final, where we developed a long-term growth strategy to address the environmental challenges of a Swiss automotive company. Our insights proved to be both creative and rational, and the feedback from the judges showed that our strong team unity set us apart from the other two teams in the round. With this result, we beat the previously unbeaten University of New South Wales and the host Concordia University," said Tamás Józsa, representing the Corvinus student team.

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