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Published: 1 year

These four marketing tactics can be applied to your HR strategy

While technological advances in recent decades have done much to make it easier to reach candidates, they have also made it harder, as they have intensified competition between companies in the labour market.


Therefore, company leaders have been forced to reevaluate their current HR strategy and complement it with innovative marketing solutions and tactics to help their organization stand out from the crowd of https://balassagyarmatallas.hu and other job search site advertisers. But what exactly are they?

  1. Knowing your target audience

In order for a company to generate sales from the sale of its product or service, it is important to find the people who are interested in them. Without this, conversions will not happen.

No, it's the same in HR. Your ad will only be effective if you think carefully about who your best candidates are before you write it, what motivates them and how you can get their attention.

2. Data-driven decision-making

While instinct plays a big role in making the major decisions that go into running a business, relying on data will lead to more informed judgements and help identify gaps. It is precisely for this reason that we need to adopt this approach in our HR strategy.

3. Intensive efforts to raise awareness

If we just sit on our laurels and wait for the roast pigeon to fly into our mouths, we will probably never attract the attention of the right candidates. Especially in today's digital world, where only content that is memorable in some way will reach its target audience.

An example here would be one of Mailchimp's recruitment strategies, where they handed out private branded baseball cards on campuses. These had open positions on the front as if they were the players. And on the back of them were the skills needed, briefly and succinctly described.

It was a marketing tactic worth teaching. For one thing, it provided something that the target audience had certainly not encountered before, and it delivered exactly the information that candidates wanted to see.

4. Finally, focus on product benefits

If you've dived into marketing a little bit before, the product advantage premise will surely sound familiar to you. It essentially means explaining the positive attributes of your product from the reader's perspective.

So we're not describing that the cream we're marketing is made with, say, xy ingredient, but that using it will result in firmer, more youthful skin and fewer wrinkles.

We need to translate the same thing into the way we write our ads. The only way to win over candidates is to show them why they'll benefit by choosing us over the competition.

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