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Published: 1 year

Team building at the top level: 4 tips for a happier atmosphere

By the end of winter, we are more often in a mood and this can affect our performance at work. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to get away from the daily grind with colleagues. Whether we choose to be more active or take a break together, shared experiences can reinvigorate a community. Here are some good ways to bring your company team together.

Creating a team spirit is usually not easy, as people with different personalities and interests often come together in a workplace. But the good news is that the work invested is worth it, as team building benefits the community: conflicts can be clarified, roles can be more clearly defined and new perspectives can be developed. In addition, the experiences gained also give a new impetus to collegial relationships, according to Adrienn Schaffer, an expert at the Greenfield Hotel in Bukfürdő. Let's look at the benefits of some tried and tested, yet simple team-building methods!


Collaborative brainstorming is often needed in the office, and this can be useful during team-building games based on various logic and skill exercises, such as getting out of an escape room. Teamwork is essential here, so it's a great way to agree with each other and find solutions together. Different skills are needed during the different tasks, so you can bring out the hidden strengths and talents of one or two colleagues. There are many humorous situations to be encountered while solving the tasks, so you can have fun and the sense of achievement on the way out will bring the team together.

2. Sport: the joy of moving together

With the good weather upon us, there's no excuse to get colleagues together for a bit of exercise after work. A Greenfield Hotel expert points out that sport is also a great stress reliever, so it's a good way to release some pent-up tension at work. By choosing team sports, you can combine fun with good, as exercise can help you bond more, communicate more effectively and find out who performs best in what role. A trendy and fun sport that the whole group can play together is 'live' foosball, where you personally replace the football players in the middle of a giant foosball table. If there are people in the team who are not so fit, try to choose a sport where physical fitness is not so important. Golf is a perfect example, and the golf cart is sure to be everyone's favourite.

3 Party together: an informal evening that brings the team together

If the company is open to a more relaxed programme, you can go out together after work to a nightclub, pub or bar. Before that, you can organise a tune-up: for example, a musical quiz in the office. This involves teams competing with each other to guess the composer of various songs or the titles of songs. As the quiz progresses, you can even make the problems more difficult by showing only a few seconds of a hit song.

4. Community wellness: how to make your team really effective

Team unity is built through shared experiences, and a wellness weekend together is a great way to do this. With its wide range of activities, it's not just a team-building activity, but also a relaxing one, killing two birds with one stone at the end of winter. The expert says that in addition to relaxation, gastronomic experiences and wellness, you can also add a competitive element to your holiday. There could be a bowling tournament or a speed race on the water slide. And end the day in the hotel bar, where you can chat over a delicious cocktail or a glass of wine. We're sure that when we return home, we'll have a different outlook on our colleagues after a day together, and we'll be able to get back to work with renewed energy.

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