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Published: 2 year

Which is the most attractive country for teleworking?

Hungary scored in the middle of a survey comparing countries in terms of teleworking and entertainment opportunities.


Travel search company KAYAK has surveyed 111 countries for their attractiveness in combining remote work and leisure opportunities to create the Work from Wherever index, reported by VG. The index was compiled based on six main categories (travel costs, flight availability, local prices, health and safety, telecommuting opportunities, social life and weather). Hungary ranked 35th. The country's score was boosted by cheap living, relatively fast internet and plenty to see and do, while it scored lower in the categories of teleworking and weather. Portugal came first, with the publication highlighting the country's visas for digital nomads and the good English skills of the locals. Spain came second with fast internet, many community offices and a visa for teleworking. Romania came in third thanks to cheap long-term housing and food prices.


photo: unsplash

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